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Give light and people will find the way.

Ella Baker

Welcome to Xaep Studio

Xæps illuminate, inform, and empower. They help us to be our best and achieve our business and personal ambitions.

Xæp is the phonetic spelling of แอป  — the Thai word for App. We pronounce it “Zap” because Xaeps are Apps that bring light!™

Total iOS Apps

iOS Business Apps

Business Idea Sketchpad

Introducing Monét

The Business Idea Sketchpad

Monét is the fun, fast and convenient way to go from idea in your head to plan in your hand.

Simple 3-Step Workflow

  1. Ideate: Describe your idea
  2. Validate: Put numbers to it
  3. Simulate: Experiment and refine

iOS, iPadOS and macOS Universal App

Buy once, use on all of your Apple devices.

Private and Secure

Your ideas and data are 100% yours and securely stored in your iCloud account.

Idea Repository

Bizplan Narrative

Business Modeler

Startup Cost Helper

Monthly / Fixed Cost Helper

Simulation Summary

Simulation Year 1 - Year 3 Detail

Simulation - Monthly Cashflow Detail

Bizplan Export

Visit our Support Page for Monét tips and support. If you have other questions ..

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Monét is available exclusively on Apple devices. Get it on the iOS and macOS App Stores.