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Monét Overview

Business planning is the art of transforming an imagined future into concrete actions that enable that future to be constructed and realized. If you’ve wished for a tool to easily capture your business startup or business improvement ideas and quickly assess the ones worth pursuing, then Monét is for you.

My ambition is to do a vast landscape, without putting myself through any great difficulty, just simply going from point to point.
Claude Monet

Monét — a first-of-a-kind, convenient and comprehensive business idea sketching app — is inspired by Claude Monet’s ambition to paint a vast landscape without great difficulty by simply going point to point.
Guided by that ambition, Monét allows you to quickly get ideas from your head and into the hands of colleagues, managers and investors in three easy steps:

  1. Easily document your business ideas (Ideate),
  2. Put numbers to them (Validate),
  3. Experiment to determine conditions for success success and refine (Simulate)

Monét provides the workflow and guidance to quickly capture your ideas, test the likelihood of financial success and transform those ideas into simple, insightful business plan sketches (Bizplans) that are understandable to both business novices and pros. Bizplans illuminate both your idea and the essential operations and financial success factors, and can be crafted anytime, anywhere, on iOS, iPadOS and MacOs devices, then easily exported for further editing and sharing.

Monét Use Cases

Monét is created for:

  • Visionaries and entrepreneurs who are wired to envision innovative solutions and want a place to deposit, evaluate and refine ideas quickly.
  • Small business owners who want to plan, test and refine their revenue generating and business improvement ideas.
  • CPAs & Financial Planners who actively support their clients business planning and operational improvement goals and initiatives.
  • Business instructors and students wanting a simple way to deepen understanding and experience of business planning theory in practice.
  • Strategic marketing professionals helping clients to see the impact of marketing in improving and growing their businesses.
  • Investors who want to provide entrepreneurs a simple, effective and fast way to create a business plan sketch.

Monét Key Features

  • Bizplan Narrative Helper
  • Startup Cost Helper
  • Monthly Fixed Cost Helper
  • Product Modeler
    • One-time or Subscription Revenue
    • One-time or Recurring Cost
    • Sales Forecast
  • Automatic Calculations
    • Revenue, Cost and Profit
    • Break-even Sales
    • Investment Payback Period
    • Required Cash Reserves
  • Simulation & Visualization
    • Interactively Explore the Impact of Sales, Price and Cost Changes
    • Instantly See Simulated Results in Dynamic Charts
      • Profit & Performance Summary
      • Yearly Revenue, Cost & Profit Detail
      • Monthly Cashflow and Cash Reserve Forecast
  • Exportable Bizplan
    • Business Plan Sketch Includes: Business Narrative, Startup Costs, Fixed Monthly Costs, Product Details and Simulation Results
    • Save in iCloud for further editing in Notes, Pages, Word, Noteplan or other app
    • Share via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Outlook, Teams and more
  • Citizen of the Apple Ecosystem
    • Private and Secure iCloud Storage
    • iOS, iPadOS and macOS Universal app

Monét App Design

Claude Monet’s Color Palette:

As for the colors I use, what’s so interesting about that ? I don’t think one could paint better or more brightly with another palette. The most important thing is to know how to use the colors. Their choice is a matter of habit. In short, I use white lead, cadmium yellow, vermilion, madder, cobalt blue, chrome green. That’s all.

Claude Monet, Source:


Light Mode:

Dark Mode Inspiration (Camille Monet, “The Woman in the Green Dress”)

Dark Mode Results:

Achieved by reversing the palette color sequence

Monét Logo

The Monét logo reinforces the theme of sketching and painting.

Monét Development and Beta Testing

We are grateful to Monét Beta Testers who have invested their life energies into testing and providing feedback throughout the development process. Your feedback has been essential to refining Monét and validating that it indeed deserves to exist. Thank you 🙏🏽.

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